GB/T 38501-2020
JB/T 10797-2007
Find from the packaging materi product type



YL-10GT to bag-type automatic packaging machine is the earlier developed by the company to bag-type automatic packaging machine, folding bags for the angle of the packaging machinery. And with a variety of measuring machines, hoist supporting the linkage,


    ● The body adopts advanced spray technology or all-stainless steel materials, stainless steel or other clean materials are used for contact parts with materials, high hygiene standard, anti-corrosion and long service life of equipment.
    ● easy to install, easy to operate. Using PLC touch screen user interface, the whole process of automatic control. Host speed control using frequency converter speed.
    ● packaging machine control metering machine release material action, do not waste material. Empty bag seal to prevent the device, control the empty bag is not sealed, do not waste bags.
    ● This machine specially designed plastic work station, so that the seal is flat without wrinkles. Therefore, a complete package pattern, sealing good quality, very low breaking rate, can save a lot of bags. .
    ● mechanical maintenance, easy maintenance. The main part of the device using mechanical transmission, the majority of oil-bearing, reducing the oil injection site, easy maintenance.

Technical Parameters

Pouch size
Width:90mm-145mm  Length:100-300mm
Filling weight
Sealing method
Heat seal
Electric power
Use power
AC380V±10%  3-phase  50Hz
Compressed air
5-8kgf/cm²  0.5m³/min
Machine weight
Pouch style
Zipper pouch
Machine size
L 2630*W 1800*H 1600 mm
Applicable industry
Food, condiments, beverages, daily chemical supplies, agrochemical seeds, medicine and other industries

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