GB/T 38501-2020
JB/T 10797-2007
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Granular Products to Bag Packaging Machine is a bag-type automatic packaging machine specially designed for granular packaging materials. It is suitable for a variety of bag type, with high-speed packaging, high hygiene stand


    A full range of customized solutions to provide turnkey projects.
    ● The world's most stable cam mechanical transmission technology to make equipment running faster and more stable; failure rate, low energy consumption, durability and wear resistance.
    ● mechanical maintenance, easy maintenance: the main part of the device using mechanical transmission, the majority of oil-bearing, reducing the oil injection site, easy maintenance.
    ● easy to install, easy to operate. Using PLC touch screen user interface, the whole process of automatic control. Host speed control using frequency converter speed.
    ● This machine is specially designed plastic work station, so that the seal is flat without wrinkles, so the bag design integrity, sealing quality, low breaking rate, can reduce the bag loss.

Technical Parameters

Depending on the selected model, different and different
Pouch style
Stand up pouch,Flat pouch,PE pouch,Gusset pouch,Zipper pouch,Cooking pouch
Sealing method
Heat seal
Applicable industry
Suitable for seasoning, crystal msg, seed, sugar, chicken essence, salt, cereals, cereals, etc
Machine size
L 4500*W 2500*H 3600 mm

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