GB/T 38501-2020
JB/T 10797-2007
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Bulk products to bag-type packaging machine YILONG company developed specifically for the bulk packaging materials to bag automatic packaging machine for a variety of bags, with high-speed packaging capabilities, and can install a variety of alternative d


    Customized for a full set of professional programs, turnkey projects.

    Empty bag seal to prevent the device, control the empty bag is not sealed, do not waste bags.
    Packaging machine control metering machine release material action, do not waste material.
    Adopt the most stable cam mechanical transmission technology in the world, make the equipment run more quickly and steadily; the failure rate, energy consumption is low, durable and wear-resisting is strong.
    Stable circuit structure, man-machine interface, PLC, frequency control and other advanced technology to enable users to operate and maintain simple, reducing maintenance costs.
    Mechanical maintenance, easy maintenance: the main part of the mechanical transmission equipment, the majority of oil-bearing, reducing the oil injection site, easy maintenance.

Technical Parameters

Depending on the selected model, different and different
Pouch style
Flat pouch,Stand up pouch,PE pouch,Angular pouch,Zipper pouch,Cooking pouch
Sealing method
Heat seal
Applicable industry
Suitable for peanut, jujube, potato chips, crispy rice, candy, fried products, gum, pistachio, melon seeds, frozen food, fruit and vegetable slices.
Machine size
L 4500*W 2500*H 3600 mm

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