GB/T 38501-2020
JB/T 10797-2007
After-sales service Our client
After-sales service
We have parts stores and after-sales service centers in all regions at home and abroad. After-sales service Tel: 0532-84667750, 0532-84652016
  • Operation and maintenance training
    Train customers and maintain staff until the church. Beginner, intermediate, advanced and regular training
  • Technical Services
    Equipment is the use of maintenance, maintenance to the entire line of production technology and other technical issues, we can provide customers with technical services.
  • Maintenance
    We will take the initiative to guide and assist customers to do equipment maintenance work.
  • Quality control guidance
    Yi Long team of customers provide the production process of quality control processes, methods, document quality control guidance.
Sales network
Our customers are located in more than 30 countries and regions such as Indonesia, Dubai, Thailand, Germany, Britain, Bulgaria, Vietnam and the United States
Today's Yi Long, a blend of professional elite, strong technical force. Today's Yi Long, is moving forward with a strong technological innovation and brand strength
Industry leading enterprises advance. The national brand to the world, as an international brand, highlighting our sense of self-confidence and lucky!