GB/T 38501-2020
JB/T 10797-2007
Find from the packaging materi product type



Breaking the traditional way of measuring powder screw, the use of online weighing method, a coarse material, weighing feedback, secondary feeding, the measurement accuracy is more accurate.


    Customized for a full set of professional programs to provide turnkey projects.
    Cleaning device
    Sealing strength, solid, beautiful.

Technical Parameters

Depending on the selected model, different and different
Sealing method
Heat seal
Pouch style
Flat pouch/Back sealing pouch/Stand up pouch/Special pouch/Zipper pouch
Machine size
 L3030*W 2180*H 2100mm
Applicable industry
Packing of powder materials,eg:Flour, seasoning powder, milk powder, glucose, chemical seasoning, additives, pesticides, fertilizer and so on

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