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Feed Packaging Machine China's packaging machinery market is promising

Release time:2017-10-24  Browse:990

Feed Packaging Machine Market Prospects for China's Packaging Machinery Market_With the development of the times and the advancement of technology, packaging machinery is playing a more and more important role in the circulation field. Traditional packaging machinery and more use of mechanical control, such as the distribution of cam-axis, and later appeared electronic control, photoelectric control, pneumatic control and other forms of control.


1. Report a complaint also reflects the majority of consumers on the quantitative packaging of goods lack of adequate attention;

2. The vast number of consumers for quantitative knowledge of packaged products to understand less, often in accordance with their own understanding and ways to determine whether the quantitative measurement of packaged goods are not allowed. For example, when the consumers purchase the quantitatively packaged goods in question, only by simple weighing method or after volumetric volume conversion come to judge, it is inevitable that the situation reported inaccurate.

According to the peculiarity of periodic verification of quantitatively packaged products, in 2014, based on the random sampling of the quantitatively packaged products, the municipal bureau organized a survey on the net content of the quantitatively packaged products produced by 149 quantitative packaging manufacturers and 39 sales enterprises in 2014, A total of 382 batches of quantitatively packaged goods, 376 batches of qualified, 6 batches of unqualified, of which 4 were not tested net content, net content marked unqualified 2 batches, the total pass rate of 98.4% , One of the quantitative sales of packaging units to be given administrative punishment according to law and ordered to correct the illegal measurement laws and regulations.

The net content of the quantitatively packaged goods inspection is different from the other state of the commodity, the net content of different products of different test methods to determine whether or not it is more or less qualified, or even to take into account the temperature, humidity and other environmental factors, so the average consumer It is difficult to accurately determine the net content of it.


First, the preferred regular supermarkets or managers with shopping malls to spend, while retaining the good consumer vouchers in order to defend the rights of the problem.

Second, if the net content of the purchased quantitative packaging products have been questioned, it must be in the case of the original packaging does not undermine the net content of goods preliminary determination.

Third, if the buyers and sellers of quantitative determination of the net content of packaged goods is controversial, both buyers and sellers can reflect the problems to the mall or market managers, the first time, the first scene to solve the problem. If both parties are still not satisfied with the mediation on the spot, they may apply for arbitration test to the local competent administrative department for metrology at the premise of well-packaged goods. After testing to confirm the net content of the quantitative packaging of goods, consumers may be the local business sector rights protection.

Fourth, on the net content of packaged goods, three elements: net content (Chinese marked), figures, statutory units of measurement, three are indispensable. However, the quantity, quality and quantity of packaged goods marked with net content in terms of length, area and counting unit can be exempted from the three Chinese characters of "net content".

Whether over-packaging, can be judged but no punishment

Some members of the public said that on the market one holiday today, there will be a large number of well-packaged and gorgeous packaged goods appealing to consumers. Zhang Xihong, vice president of Shenyang Institute of Metrology and Measurement, said that in order to achieve the building of a resource-saving and environment-friendly society, the inherent demand, according to the "People's Republic of China National Measurement Specifications - Food and cosmetic packaging measurement inspection rules" to determine, but the country is currently no Management of the relevant laws and regulations to its constraints.