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China's liquid food packaging machinery development potential

Release time:2017-10-24  Browse:4741

With the rapid economic development in our country, the purchasing power of domestic residents and the willingness to spend are also gradually increasing. The concept of consumption will tend to further improve the quality of life. The market demand for liquid foods such as beverages, alcoholic drinks, cooking oil and condiments will also grow steadily with the development of economy and the improvement of people's living standard. In the long run, the liquid food industry such as beverages, alcohol, cooking oil and condiments still has more room for growth. In particular, the improvement of spending power in rural areas will greatly stimulate the consumption of liquid foods such as beverages. In short, the rapid development of downstream industries and people's pursuit of quality of life will inevitably require enterprises to invest in the appropriate packaging equipment to meet the needs of production, but also the packaging machinery will be high-precision, intelligent, high-speed level of higher requirements , So China's liquid food packaging machinery will show a more broad market prospects.

Distributed servo technology is an important trend

Relevant data show that the food and beverage industry occupies an important position in the national economy. In the world, the proportion of investment is also great, and it is also the largest buyer of packaging machinery with a share of about 60%.

Recently, German Trade Association VDMA said the world's packaging machinery has been increasing over the years. In 2008 the global packaging machinery market has reached 14.6 billion euros (about 20.6 billion US dollars). In 2009, demand and exports declined due to the economic downturn. However, the global market started to show signs of improvement in 2010. Global Industry Analyst GIA report shows the global packaging machinery market in 2010 reached 32.5 billion US dollars, driven by demand in emerging markets, 2015 sales of more than 40 billion US dollars. MPI Group reported that while manufacturing plants around the world continue to cut their production capacity, nearly half also plan to increase their production equipment expenditures. In particular, MPT said distributed servo technology systems that reduce energy consumption will be a trend in packaging machinery.

Filling production line is more and more needed

As we all know, the application of filling machine can realize the high-volume production of food, medicine and daily chemical enterprises, and help the production enterprises achieve the purpose of high-speed production. Past systems for bottling lines have many drawbacks, including high procurement costs, large and heavy equipment, difficult installation and high maintenance costs.

Now that the pitfalls of bottling lines have been replaced by advanced technology and new bottling lines, more and more companies are beginning to focus on and use bottling lines and are beginning to recognize the benefits that bottling lines can bring . Filling production line plays an important role in food, medicine and daily chemical production enterprises. Optimizing filling production line is directly related to the quality of products and the efficiency of production. Therefore, it has become a topic that major production enterprises have to pay attention to.

Energy-saving recyclable, high-tech intelligent

Through the simulation, the introduction of modified plastic technology means and capital and the procurement of other means of globalization, China's packaging machinery manufacturing level with the level of industrial design can be carried out quickly. However, the appearance of foreign companies still exist. At the same time, many companies are not based on the production of a single product. The need for packaging machinery is not limited to just one product. Is not difficult to predict the future direction of the development of the mainstream of the packaging machinery industry should be energy-saving recyclable, high-tech intelligent. At present, the packaging technology of vertical packaging machine, secondary packaging machine, bagging machine, heavy bag packaging machine, vacuum packaging machine, packaging production line and automatic weighing machine manufactured in China is at the forefront of the world. Of course, the world's top packaging technology , Still need to continuously improve the level of research and development and optimization of packaging technology.

Profit squeeze packaging industry into the era of meager profits

Beverage packaging as an integral part of the beverage market, the trend in the beverage continued to rise, seemingly promising, but by the beverage market price war, including international brands, including beverage packaging and beverage companies nearly cost control Harsh, so that domestic beverage packaging manufacturers almost no profit at all. At the same time by the upstream industry (raw materials), the same industry competition and downstream businesses (customers) three levels of profit squeeze, the packaging industry, the grim test of the era of profitability, weak economic strength of enterprises will face greater pressure to survive, packaging companies It will also expand the scale of the industry through mergers and acquisitions to enhance its overall competitiveness.

The domestic liquid food packaging machinery market competition is manifested in three levels: high, medium and low end: the low-end market is mainly a large number of small and medium enterprises, producing a large number of low-level, low-grade, low price products, these enterprises A large number of distribution in Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Guangdong and Shandong and other regions; mid-market is a certain economic strength and new product development capabilities of enterprises, but their products and more innovation, less innovation, the overall level of technology is not high, and product automation Low level, unable to enter the high-end market; and high-end market has emerged to produce middle and high-end products of enterprises, some of their products have reached the international advanced level, with large multinational companies in the domestic market similar products and some overseas Positive competition in the market, such as Jiangsu New America Star, Guangzhou Tatsu Tak Lung and so on. According to the statistics of the beverage packaging machinery industry and investment opportunities, in general, China is still in fierce competition in the mid-to-low-end market with more imports in the high-end market. With continuous research and development of new domestic products, continuous breakthroughs in new technologies, Significant cost advantage of equipment, imported equipment in China's liquid food packaging machinery market share will be reduced year by year, replaced by the domestic equipment export capacity enhancement.

In an increasingly competitive market environment, if we fail to accurately judge the market trends and development trends of the industry, promptly carry out technological upgrading and business model innovation, along with the continuous development of other small and medium enterprises and foreign manufacturers to accelerate the establishment of factories in China The localization of business, the state liquid beverage machinery companies will face the risk of market competition will increase.