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To the bag automatic packaging machine - GB Symposium

Release time:2017-03-22  Browse:4242

The national standard "Give Bag Automatic Packing Machine" sponsored by our company was held on January 12, 2017 in Qingdao, Shandong Province. According to the revision of the national standard (National Committee for Standardization [2011] No.82) issued by the State Standardization Administration Commission, the national standard "Bag-type Automatic Packaging Machine" is numbered 20112039-T-604. After extensive research, the drafting group drafted a draft for solicitation. This meeting invited the backbone of such equipment manufacturers, the use of experts and industry experts and other representatives of all parties, to discuss the draft.
Experts and representatives conscientiously discussed the draft of the national standard "Bag-type Automatic Packaging Machine", and elaborated their own views and put forward the opinions and suggestions on the revision and improvement of the standards. The meeting agreed that: The standard work process in line with the provisions of the program, the basic framework complies with the standards written requirements, technical requirements and test methods are scientific and reasonable, the relevant parameters of reliable sources.
This meeting has been fully affirmed by experts and business representatives. Standard formulation in line with China's national conditions, will promote the bag-type automatic packaging machine industry to standardization, science and technology, large-scale development.
The meeting ended on January 13.