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Liquid packaging has great potential for rapid deployment of machinery and equip

Release time:2017-03-22  Browse:1020

The development of China's packaging industry for 20 years, rapid progress in the packaging industry, liquid packaging accounted for half of the food packaging industry, we usually drink milk juice in addition to the bottle packaging is paper packaging, the rise of the packaging industry as a major packaging machinery packaging machinery with However, the traditional packaging machinery has more or less some phenomena such as low performance, low production efficiency, serious waste and so on. Therefore, the packaging machinery needs to be upgraded constantly, especially when the starting point of the packaging industry in our country is later than that of the developed countries. R & D efforts.

The development of the world packaging machinery

With the continuous emergence of new packaging materials and packaging technology, continuous innovation, packaging machinery came into being. China's papermaking technology has laid the foundation for the production of paper packaging in history. In 1850, paper packaging began to be applied to food packaging. In 1852 the United States Wally invented a paper bag machine is simple is happy, resulting in paper products machinery. 1861 Germany established the world's first packaging machinery factory, and in 1911 produced a fully automatic forming filling and sealing machine.

In 1890, the United States began to manufacture liquid filling machines, and in 1902, it produced gravity filling machines. At the beginning of the twentieth century, Durand of England used metal containers to hold food, resulting in a variety of canned food products.

Since the 1970s, new materials have emerged, especially plastic packaging materials, which have brought great changes to the world's packaging machinery. Coupled with the rise of the supermarkets, the packaging of the circulation of goods put forward higher requirements. In order to ensure the fast and safe delivery of goods, the container came into being, and the size of the container body has also gradually been standardized and serialized, thus further improving and developing the packaging machinery.

Liquid packaging machinery market

International Market Research Institute Smithers Pier recently released "Global liquid packaging cardboard market survey" shows that in 2014 the global liquid packaging board market consumption does not exceed 3 million tons, the market size reached 1.14 billion US dollars. It is estimated that by 2020, the market consumption will reach 3.6 million tons. According to the 2014 price conversion, the market size will be about 1.38 billion U.S. dollars. Shows liquid packaging market bright future.

The domestic liquid food packaging machinery market competition is manifested in three levels: high, medium and low end: the low-end market is mainly a large number of small and medium enterprises, producing a large number of low-level, low-grade, low price products, these enterprises A large number of distribution in Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Guangdong and Shandong and other regions; mid-market is a certain economic strength and new product development capabilities of enterprises, but their products and more innovation, less innovation, the overall level of technology is not high, and product automation Low level, unable to enter the high-end market; and high-end market has emerged to produce middle and high-end products of enterprises, some of their products have reached the international advanced level, with large multinational companies in the domestic market similar products and some overseas Positive competition in the market, such as Jiangsu New America Star, Guangzhou Tatsu Tak Lung and so on. Overall, China is still in fierce competition in the low-end market with high-end market imports are still more, with the continuous development of new products in China, the continuous breakthrough of new technologies and significant cost advantages of domestic equipment, imported equipment in China liquid food packaging Machinery market share will be reduced year by year, replaced by the enhancement of the export capacity of domestic equipment.

In an increasingly competitive market environment, if we fail to accurately judge the market trends and development trends of the industry, promptly carry out technological upgrading and business model innovation, along with the continuous development of other small and medium enterprises and foreign manufacturers to accelerate the establishment of factories in China The localization of business, the state liquid beverage machinery companies will face the risk of market competition will increase.

Liquid packaging machine development trend

With the fierce market competition, highly intelligent, automated, multi-functional, low-cost, high-efficiency packaging equipment more and more by the packaging industry's attention and favor. The market matures, the emergence of new products have also made new demands, it is reported that automatic liquid packaging machine in the production of liquid products, high-speed automatic filling and packaging speed for enterprises greatly reduce production costs. In some large-scale liquid medicine and beverage manufacturers, the vast majority of production processes are completed by modern machinery, automatic liquid packaging machine is one of them.

As the leading force in the packaging machinery industry, the fully automatic liquid dispensing machine has provided a strong guarantee for the rapid development of China's commodity packaging. Some of them also make up for the gap in the technical aspects of our products. Domestic automatic packaging machines have met the basic needs of the market. Increasing the degree of mechanical automation, automation technology, mechatronic control is widely used in packaging production, which not only improve the production efficiency of the equipment, but also ensure the quality of the packaging, is the necessary equipment for all industries and enterprises.

At present, automatic liquid packaging machines rely on automation technology to achieve the convenience of production, but also to achieve efficient production, which is important for businesses and markets, so that liquid products can also rely on fully automatic liquid packaging machine To adjust the production tasks at any time, so as to keep pace with market development.

Insiders said that people's pursuit of the quality of products will always improve, and the production machinery must constantly be replaced in order to meet the changing needs of the market, especially under the current rapid economic development in China. Automatic liquid packaging machine is also progress and development, continue to expand new features, application of new technologies. Today, fully automatic liquid packaging machines will be "green line" to meet the new development.

to sum up:

After more than two decades of development, China's packaging machinery has become one of the key industries in the machinery industry. With the continuous improvement of China's overall national strength, the liquid packaging machinery industry has also made great strides, and the packaging machinery technology has been promoted very fast. In addition, should also strengthen the construction of packaging machinery education, training high-quality personnel. Encourage scientific and technological personnel to carry out knowledge innovation, re-education of technological innovation, training more high-quality personnel to meet the needs of industry technology research and development.